Breville Juice Fountain Cold /Cold Plus/Cold XL Reviews

Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL

The Breville fountain juicer reduces the prep time and allows extraction of the juice within seconds. The Stainless steel mesh and the innovative cold spin extraction can keep the juice at low temperature thus avoiding oxidation. The froth separator gives the clear juice.

The Breville cold fountain comes in three types:

  • The Juice Fountain Cold – 850 Watt
  • The Juice Fountain Cold Plus – 1000 Watt
  • The Juice Fountain Cold XL – 1200 Watt

Breville Juice Fountain Cold vs Cold Plus vs Cold XL

FeaturesBreville Juice Fountain ColdBreville Juice Fountain Cold PlusBreville Juice Fountain Cold XL
Power850 Watts1000 Watts1200 Watts
Chute Size3"3.5"3.5"
Extraction SystemCold Spin TechnologyCold Spin TechnologyCold Spin Technology
Settings2 Speed Electronic Control2 Speed Electronic ControlVariable Speed Control
Juice Jug Capacity70 fl oz70 fl oz70 fl oz
Pulp Container Capacity3.4 qt3.4 qt3.4 qt
Warranty1 year limited1 year limited1 year limited
Voltage110-120 Volts110-120 Volts110-120 Volts


The Breville Fountain Juicers come with a high watt motor and can crush the hardest fruit and vegetables. The innovative cold extraction system preserves the nutrients of the fruit and vegetables and thus provides 70 oz of complete wholesome nutrition.


  • Ease of Use: It is easy to assemble, comes with an extra wide feed chute, no need to chop the fruits or vegetables.

The Juice Fountain Cold – 3” chute
The Juice Fountain Cold Plus – 3.5” chute
The Juice Fountain Cold XL – 3.5” chute

The pulp gets collected in the pulp container, they are designed to save the counter space. The juice gets collected in the 70 oz jug that can be sealed and stored in the refrigerator upto 3 days.

The Juice Fountain Cold – Pulp container is on the side
The Juice Fountain Cold Plus – Pulp container is on the back
The Juice Fountain Cold XL – Pulp container is on the back

  • How to use: Wash the vegetable or fruit. Put in the chute, it goes through Italian-made precision mesh filter and the cold extraction technology maintains the temperature. The juice gets collected in the jug and pulp gets collected inside the pulp container of capacity 3.6 qt.
  • Multitasking: This is the single task machine. Just extract juices.
  • Ease of clean: Just remove the Chute and wash the mesh. Empty the pulp container and wash it.


  • Technology: The cold spin technology presses the fruits and vegetables into a slowly spinning auger that chews and presses the fruits against the mesh thus significantly reducing the friction and keeping the temperature low. Maintaining the temperature at 1.8 C.
  • Setting:
    The Fountain Cold and Cold Plus comes with 2 Speed electronic control:

    • Low for leafy vegetables and soft fruit
    • high for dense Fruits and Vegetables’

The Fountain Cold XL comes with variable settings. The noise reduction Technology that reduces noise by 40%. It has – Quite, Fast and boost.

  • Leak proof: It comes with a Juice nozzle for straight mess free juicing in the glass. Invert the nozzle after use to avoid drips.
  • Material: The mesh is made of stainless steel.
  • Marking: The jug comes with the marking.
  • Safety: The machine comes with an LED display that illuminates if the motor stopped working.

Value for Money

An easy to use product that maintains the nutrient in the juice and can easily be clean and take less space on the counter top. The cold spin technology makes these juicers stand out. However, the price of the juicer changes based on their power. What you are paying for is cold spin technology, extra wide feed chute and the large juice jug.


1 Year Limited Product Warranty

In the box

  • 70oz Easy Seal Juice Jug with Froth Separator
  • Detachable Spout for Juicing Directly into Glass
  • Easy Cleaning Brush.


The juicing trend is growing and the new innovating juicers are not only providing nutrient pack juices but also produce minimal wastage and require less effort. The discussion of juice vs smoothies is ever-going but in this article we discussed the Breville cold centrifugal Juicer and its characteristics.

The cold spin technology alongside wider chutes take the juicing experience to a new level. The high watt motor breaks the fruits and vegetables in no time. A good combination of power and technology. If you are passionate about juicing and looking for the highest quality then this can be for you!



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